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Service Solutions

Selecting the right interventions is a critical component for any worksite wellness program. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive and complete wellness program or just thinking about enhancing your current program offerings, StayFit has a variety of flexible, evidence-based and professional service options to help organizations achieve their health and wellness objectives.


Our broad range of programs and services can be implemented online, onsite and by phone to address your organizations unique logistical requirements. 

Our service solutions support corporate wellness goals with optimal levels of participation and measurable outcomes. 

Proprietary Web Platform – Wellness Portal

A wellness portal is a data repository for your company wellness program. A portal allows members to access the essential components of your custom designed incentive program (Dashboard) as well as participate in self-directed health education modules, download educational resources, track and trend their weight, activity, savings, participate in company wide health challenges and so much more. Since we own our platform, we don’t have to wait for production schedules to meet your company’s unique platform needs, you just ask us, and we program it! It’s that simple

Workplace Health Challenges

Motivate Behavior Change with Easy and Fun Health Challenges. Health & Wealth Challenges create a positive and supportive environment that will help participants adopt and engage in healthier habits, such as physical activity, weight management and wealth education and savings. Improved health transforms employees by creating a healthy, wealthy and happy workforce. Challenges are fully integrated with the wellness portal and can be implemented as a team-based or individual-based approach. Our activity tracker syncs with FitBit devices. Learn More

Workplace Health Screenings

The evidence is clear, 75% of costly chronic disease is preventable. Generally speaking there are four critical health indicators that can be screened to help employees raise their awareness about potential health risks so they can take appropriate action to prevent or delay disease. While we provide a variety of screening services, we highly recommend using the four critical factors as your population measurement component of your wellness program and integrate the screening with your benefit linked incentive strategy. Learn More

Total Wellbeing Coaching and Behavior Change Programs

As part of ongoing behavior change interventions for employees and eligible participants we offer our Total Wellbeing coaching program. Staffed by Certified health coaches and health educations, our interdisciplinary team assists members with setting goals, developing personalized wellbeing plans, as well as provide appropriate referrals to internal (employer sponsored) and external (community) resources as required to help members achieve their total wellbeing goals. Service options include telephonic, onsite (restrictions apply) and online delivery. Behavior change programs include: Preventive Health, Weight/Nutrition, Stress Management, Financial Wellness, Condition and Disease Management Referrals, and Tobacco Cessation Learn More

Health Education Webinars

We have a comprehensive library of standard webinars for common health education requests and we can completely customize webinars for employers to meet unique employer needs.Health education seminars are presented by qualified healthcare professionals and are 45 minutes in duration with a 15 minute Q&A period. Webinars may be recorded and provided to clients for posting on organizational intranet sites for future viewing. Learn More 

Reporting and Analytics

The StayFit Plan offers extensive reporting for all of our service solutions. Reporting delivery and methodology are contingent upon the types of services and programs selected by our clients. All reporting adheres to state and federal privacy rules and requlations. An annual program review with ROI is also included with our standard reporting package. Reporting can be enhanced when we are able to interface and/or share date with other third-party vendors to support a more comprehensive and robust population analysis. All third-party transaction occur on an encrypted, secure data cloud and require applicable legal documentation to enforce state and federal privacy rules and regulations.