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Advanced Health Assessment
Transform Health to Wealth

This is a new concept to many organizations and employees. Finding the best way to connect with each of their respective interests is always a challenge. Connecting changes in health risk behaviors to personal economics is truly a terrific concept.” – Dee Edington, PhD, author of Shared Values, Shared Results.

Even the smallest changes can have a BIG impact on health & wealth!


Traditional health assessments have failed to motivate overall employee health behavior change.Simplicity’s patent-pending Advanced Health Assessment is proven to accomplish health behavior change because it addresses the Total Wellbeing of the employee; accounting for physical and financial health.


Studies now show conclusively that financial stress is a major driver of adverse health behaviors. The outcome data from the Advanced Health Assessment (AHA) shows that Personal Economics is the dominant motivating factor for health behavior change. Thus, a comprehensive assessment that measure both physical and financial wellbeing is a mandatory component of any employer wellness program.


The Advanced Health Assessment is easy-to-use and takes minutes to complete. The assessment addresses eight (8) distinct health behaviors that drive 75% of today’s costly chronic disease. The online assessment improves participant’s understanding of the health to wealth connection by 72%. Of those who completed the assessment, 66% reported they would make a behavior change in the next 3-6 months.

Self-Directed Alerts by text or e-mail, offer users the ability to select delivery of pertinent health content, resources and services that are most important to them—making messages meaningful and actionable.



Our proprietary platform securely stores all the data necessary to establish a baseline and comparison reporting for both the individual and aggregate reports; providing the necessary documentation to assess changes in Total Wellbeing over time. Participation reporting and flawless third-party data exchange support employer sponsored incentive programs.



The AHA is customizable, allowing employers to seamlessly integrate existing benefit resources, biometric screening data, and stratify results for targeted interventions—increasing program participation and maximizing organizational healthcare dollars.
Advanced Health Assessment
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The Advanced Health Assessment is a patent-pending proprietary tool of Simplicity Health Plans®.