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Clinical Advisory Team (CAT)

The StayFit Plan's Clinical Advisory Team (CAT) is comprised of qualified healthcare professionals with experience in population health management and preventive medicine and includes clinical qualifications in nursing, primary care and critical care medicine (physicians) and behavioral health specialists.
The CAT is integral to the quality of our services and programs. Our team meets twice per year and more often as required. The CAT's core responsibilities include:
  • Keep up to date on evidenced-based clinical and preventive guidelines.
  • Review The StayFit Plan protocols and procedures on a yearly basis, making appropriate changes and approving the documents.
  • Oversight and update on strategic partners and vendor management.
  • Review member educational information for evidence-based clinical accuracy.
  • Provide guidance on new programs, services, and preventive education.
  • Review and updates on HIPAA, PPACA, DOL, ADA regulations and requirements as it pertains to wellness program management. 
Clinical Advisory Team Members

Robert A. Levine, Ph.D., C.Ht.

Wellness and High-Performance Strategies, Corporate Wellness Resources, LLC.

Dr. Levine, a holistic health clinician and researcher, has helped thousands of people improve their health and performance through the use of innovative approaches that produce accelerated behavioral change. Dr. Levine is the Vice President of CWR.

Gregory J. Hummer, M.D.
Dr. Hummer was a trauma surgeon, trained at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and is the founder of three successful healthcare companies.  Dr. Hummer has spent the last 18 years developing technology to help solve the vexing complexities, out-of-control costs, burdens and inefficiencies with today’s healthcare payment system. He is Chairman and CEO of Simplicity Health Plans. 

Karen Agnich, RN, MBA, CCF, HHA,

Karen is co-founder and president of AdvoCare Group, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company specializing in workplace medical and administrative management. Her work as a clinician and administrator in the field of disease and disability management has led to the success of CAM PPO, a ground-breaking, national network of integrative medicine providers. AdvoCare Group is composed of a national, credentialed network of complementary and alternative medicine providers, a managed care organization, group health services, a workers’ compensation third party administrator, and a vocational rehabilitation and litigation support team.

Todd J. Schmenk, M.Ed.

Health Education and Behavioral Therapist

Todd is a Health Education and Behavior Therapist who trained at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and gained notoriety for developing innovative health and wellness campaigns for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while working at the York City Bureau of Health in Pennsylvania.  Todd has over 15 years of experience devising behavior modification programs to meet the health and wellness needs of both individual and corporate clients.  Todd is currently a therapist at both the Therapy Collaborative in Providence, RI and for Northeastern Behavioral Associates in Southeastern Massachusetts.  

Lisa M Jones, MD

Dr. Jones is an accomplished Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a particular interest in health literacy.  After completing a Master’s Degree in Education, Dr Jones received her MD from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.  She completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center.  She is currently serving as the Director of Women’s Health at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center and as the Medical Director for Health Imperatives, Inc.  Seeking to combine her love for medicine and her background in education, Dr Jones assists hospitals, insurers and non-profit organizations in incorporating health literacy best practices into their patient care.

Jean Stratton, MPH, RD 
Jean is a populaton health management consultant with extensive experience in healthcare, managed care, public health, community and college teaching with specific emphasis in disease management and wellness.

Prior to entering private consulting, Jean held positions in nationally prominent insurance companies, gathering a multi-dimensional background as: 

  • Health Promotion Manager
  • Director, Sales Support, Care/Disease Management
  • National Account Manager, Benefits & Products Consultant
  • Associate Director, Cancer Care Management