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The StayFit Plan’s cloud-based, scalable platform is 100% owned and developed by Simplicity Health Plans. The platform is available to TPAs, Health Plans, Carriers and Employers as a standalone solution or in combination with any of our other wellness programs and services. The Content Management Platform (CMP) seamlessly integrates population health and wellness data to significantly improve the ability to administer, track, analyze, and report on employer health and wellbeing programs. Simplicity is an IBM business partner.


Secure Integration of Health & Wellbeing Data

The StayFit Plan allows for secure integration and administration of all complex data points collected as part of a robust client-sponsored wellness program. From points tracking, incentive administration and fulfillment, to third-party file exchanges; our Single Sign-On (SSO) content management platform (CMP) allows clients to truly customize their wellness program. In addition, small clients can leverage the CMP as a company intranet site, keeping all health, wellness and benefit information in one easily accessible location.


Data and Resource Integration:

  • Benefits, including Insurance Carrier Information
  • Wireless Fitness Device (FitBit)
  • Health Educational Content
  • Biometric and Lab Results
  • Health Savings Account Information
  • Eligibility with any Third-Party Administrator
  • Data Share with Insurance Carriers supporting Coordination of Care 


Value on Investment (VOI)

Information gathered and analyzed through the StayFit Plan CMP produces de-identified aggregate reports that track a population’s current health status, and identifies the population’s risk profile for 8 distinct health and lifestyle indicators that drive 75% of today’s costly chronic disease.  Our wellness Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) analyze the data to support clients with identifying opportunities to reduce risk, support healthy behavior change and mitigate healthcare claims costs.


Increase Wellness ROI through:

  • Analytics to help identify effective wellness spending
  • Analytics to identify appropriate wellness interventions 
  • Improvement of member health which reduces healthcare claims
  • Improvement in member productivity
  • Population Health Measurement Tool (Advanced Health Assessment)


The StayFit Plan’s proprietary, easy-to-use Advanced Health Assessment (AHA) captures comprehensive self-reported and empirical biometric screening results as well as data on financial wellbeing providing a clear picture of population health and wealth status, and risks. This information assists us with identifying opportunities for behavior change and provides targeted interventions for the entire population.


The Advanced Health Assessment helps clients:

  • Identify key health and financial risk trends among their population
  • Identify future potential health and financial wellbeing risks
  • Identify potential health and wealth savings based on projected behavior change
  • Target at-risk participants through evidence-based stratification and secure messaging
  • T1 over T2 comparative data demonstrating progress made between time periods
  • Track program participation rates and progress on key health and financial wellbeing metrics


Customized Health and Wellbeing Solutions

The StayFit Plan CMP is highly customizable and flexible. Using our proprietary Content Management Platform, almost every aspect of the portal can be customized by the employer , including the look and feel, content, images, reporting* and functionality*.  *Some limitations apply or additional programming fees may apply.

Our customized solutions provide clients with:

  • Scalable programs that evolve with customer needs 
  • Wellness solutions for every size company and budget (starting at 50 members up to 100,000+)
  • A customized and flexible portal that can be launched in less than 60 days*.
  • Seamless integration with any third party vendors to support all population health management requirements

*Implementation may vary based on the level of customization required.


Differentiated Service Excellence

The StayFit Plan Content Management Platform provides significant service excellence through our superior customer service, IT support teams and Wellness SMEs that differentiate our model from our competitors. Our model focuses on; People. Business. Technology.  We understand that population health management requires a human-centered focus to support sustainable behavior change resulting in healthcare savings.


Differentiate with products and services that offer:

  • A branded and/or sub-branded portal to match each company’s unique look and feel
  • A proprietary Advanced Health Assessment that measures Physical AND Financial Wellbeing
  • Superior Reporting Capabilities
  • Additional comprehensive wellness solutions including:
    • Health Challenges
    • Online Tobacco Affidavit
    • Biometric Screening Services
    • Health Coaching
    • Health Education
    • And more…