The StayFit™ Plan a division of Simplicity Health Plans
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The StayFit Plan offers comprehensive wellness consulting services by Certified Wellness Experts. Successful workplace wellness programs are those programs that use a workplace operating plan- aligning the company's mission, values, culture and budget. 

Many company's jump into wellness without a strategically crafted plan. A blueprint is a MUST to achieve success. 

Our team of Subject Matter Experts have worked with hundreds of clients to create effective work plans. 

Our consulting services include: 

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Historical Data Analysis (including medical, pharmacy and biometric and/or health assessment data,etc.)
  • Strategic Planning (One (1), Two (2) or Three (3) year work plans)
  • Comprehensive Communication Plan (One (1), Two (2) or Three (3) year plans)
  • Implementation Plan
  • Implementation Timeline 
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Needs and Interest Assessments
  • Wellness Policies:
    • Tobacco Policy
    • Vending Machine Policy
    • Cafeteria Policy
    • Wellness Reimbursement Policies
    • Wellness Champion Charters
    • Wellness Award Programs
  • Recommended Measurement Metrics

The StayFit Plan Consulting services are offered at a nominal fee and even if your organization doesn't choose to purchase our services (and we sure hope you do!) at the very least your company has a blueprint to create and implement an effective workplace wellness program.