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What You Should Know....

On January 1, 2016 small groups less than 100 employees will be community rated. The HIPAA rules dictated that small groups were defined as 50 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. However PPACA redefined small groups to 100 or fewer FTE employees.  All of these groups will be community rated as of January 1, 2016 and thus, will start to experience huge rate increases in their premium renewals for the 2016 calendar year.

On October 7, 2015, President Obama signed the PACE legislation that reverses the original PPACA law that defined small group as 100 or fewer equivalent FTE employees.  This law allows individual states to set the limit back to 50.  However, many states such as NY and CA will be keeping the limit at 100.  Most states will continue to use 100 EEs as the limit.

This means that ALL small groups 2-50 will receive huge increases in their premium renewals and also in those states that keep the limit at the PPACA level of 100 employees.

"Unfortunately, the huge increase now being seen will look small once the unbridled claims cost start to roll in during years 2016, 2017 and 2018".

---Gregory J. Hummer, MD, CEO Simplicity Health Plans

Who We Are and What We Do….

Simplicity Health Plans is the expert in helping your company transition away from the fully insured quagmire.  Our unique patented technology allows us to provide your employees with a High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account that is the ONLY answer to mitigate rising healthcare costs.

Our methodology changes your employee’s health behavior forever making them healthier and wealthier. Everyone wins with Simplicity. Download our brochure to Learn More

Simplicity Health Plans, a transaction integrator, creates Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies for comprehensive consumerism solutions that offer an "End-to-End" cure for the rising cost of healthcare expenditures; including the "best in class" administration of a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA). 


Simplicity aligns the interest of the Employer, Employee and Provider and implements a turn-key, fully integrated, self-funded High Deductible Health Plan platform that fuses unparralled technology, point-of-service adjudication, real-time data and anti-fraud controls to support a superior benefit plan design.