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Financial Wellness
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Achieving Financial Wellness Is SO Simple

Financial Wellness is now one of the top priorities for employers. In fact over 60% of mid to large size employers are considering adding financial wellness to their traditional wellness programs.


The Health Index Calculator (HIC) is a proprietary, patent-pending tool that helps individuals understand the connection between good health habits and their ability to accumulate wealth. Endorsed by Dr. Dee Edington PhD., as the next health behavior change tool, the HIC is the ONLY Financial Wellness tool in the market.


Motivated by Personal Economics, individuals who use the tool are able to visualize the cost implications of current health habits and then forecast and visualize future SAVINGS through incremental behavior change.


Employers are able to integrate existing programs and services into the tool to maximize program engagement participation and benefit investments. Aggregate employer reporting assists organization’s with understanding their population Financial Wellness risk and health risks. This information can be useful when considering changes to benefit plan design such as ancillary benefits, wealth management education, and strategic vendor partnership decisions.


Help Your Employees Transform Good Health into Wealth Today.