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The StayFit™ Plan
The Next Generation of Wellness
Our mission is to be your company's trusted wellness adviser and strategic partner. We assist our clients with implementing simple, affordable and effective workplace wellness solutions that result in a healthy and productive workforce. 
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The StayFit™ Plan is a proud member of the Corporate Health and Wellness Association
The StayFit™ Plan President, Lisa Holland, RN, MBA offers insight into wellness certification. 

The StayFit™ Plan

The StayFit Plan offers comprehensive, value-based wellness solutions. Our focus is to bring affordable wellness programs and services to small, medium and large employers that result in healthier and wealthier employees. 

Our flexible solutions allow employers to implement a program that aligns with their company culture to achieve the highest levels of participation and return on investment.
StayFit™ Plan Overview

The rising cost of healthcare has forced employers to look for a variety of alternative health and welfare solutions to improve the health of their employee population, improve productivity and mitigate healthcare costs associated with chronic disease. In the US alone, people with chronic disease account for more than 75% of the nation’s US $2 trillion in medical spending. Whether healthcare is financed by employers, individuals or social programs, the impact of chronic disease is placing an increasing burden on health systems, taxes and costs of coverage.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75% of chronic disease is preventable. The higher your employee’s health risks, the higher your healthcare costs and subsequently, the lower your employee health risks, the lower your healthcare costs. Therefore, it makes sense for employers to focus on the health and productivity of their workforce in a manner that will help employers realize significant gains over the short and long term.


Numerous employers have found that offering Employer Health Management (EHM) programs to their employees leads to a long list of benefits such as:


Retaining hard working employees

Recruiting healthy, productive workers

Reducing absenteeism

Decreasing turnover

Reducing health care benefit claims expenditures

Decreasing workers’ compensation claims expenses

Reducing presenteesim

Enhancing job satisfaction


Employer sponsored returns on investment (ROI) range from a low of $1.87 to a high of over $6 for every dollar spent on wellness.

The StayFit Plan offers a comprehensive strategy that includes many components that intersect to build a balanced program that will address the diverse needs of your employee population.

While a variety of wellness models have been introduced over the years and most include similar fundamental components such as; senior level support, assessment, communication, program interventions and evaluation. The fundamental concept, while simple, can be overwhelming, especially, if there are limited staffing resources dedicated to oversight, management and implementation of wellness program will not be successful. 

The StayFit Plan team includes a dedicated team of industry Subject Matter Experts that will ensure that your program strategy aligns with your organizational culture, employee health and wellness needs and your company budget.

Contact us today to find out how we can get your wellness program back on track and impact the health of your employees and your organization’s bottom line.

Our Difference

Our research indicates that our Trusted Advisor model make us unique and offers a significant advantage over competing health and wellness vendors. At The StayFit Plan, we are more than just a vendor—we are your strategic wellness partner.

In addition to foundational wellness service delivery such as health assessments, biometric screening, health challenges, and other common programs-- our model delivers the following differentiators:

  • A cultural understanding of your organization
  • New technology that emphasizes personal economics and Financial Wellness
  • Wellness strategic planning & communication that results in measureable outcomes
  • Proprietary technology platform that offers flexible incentive administration
  • Comprehensive outcome reporting and healthcare analytics

We believe that our model may be the only way to help clients leverage wellness as a serious economic business strategy.